Optimization Using Optistruct and Explicit Analysis Using RADIOSS

In this module, you will gain mastery to perform high value projects focussing optimization and Explicit analysis using Radioss.

The type of optimization includes, topology optimization, size optimization, shape optimization

The type of explicit analysis includes, drop test, crash analysis replicating the physical scenario of the event capturing the events at every time intervals

This course covers the advanced analysis techniques to design or evaluate the structural strength due to dynamic loading conditions.

Following are the topics which will be covered in this module: (Not Limited To)

  • Introduction to dynamic analysis and optimization

  • Unit System to be followed.

  • When to use optimization studies

  • Exercises to perform static analysis from simple to complex.

  • When to use explicit analysis analysis

  • Requirements to perform explicit analysis.

  • Defining contacts

  • Visualizing the analysis results to understand the real time working environment

  • Decision making from the results of the analysis weather the part is meeting the requirements or it is failing.

  • Post processing the results and report preparation

    By the end of this module you will be able to perform different analysis and gain mastery in analysis the component due its dynamic event like crash or drop.Also you will be able to optimize the component for it's material layout or size for its structural performance.

Impact / Drop tests

This module is specific to analyse the products which are having high chances for getting dropped while handling. This includes dropping coffee cups, TV remote, Cell Phones, Dropping the refrigerator/washing machine during transit

You will get experience in simulating the models for the real time use case and take design decisions or to modify the design to ensure the product is safe during unforeseen situations

Crash Analysis

This module includes the highest degree on non-linearity including material, contact and geometry, where you will get experience in setting up of the model for collision of objects, weather it may be automotive, or a bullet or any kind of impacting bodies.

You will also get an experience in defining the relevant conditions as per the physics of the problem

Understanding Optimization

In todays world, the industry is focusing on optimization to improve its structural performance without increasing the cost.

This module will give an overview on the different types of optimization, and how optimization can help to create a better design.

In this module you will be learning different Optimization techniques and how to perform optimization to improve the structural performance of the structure, to arrive at the optimum design due to its loading condition

Factors to be considered for Optimization

This module will give you an experience to be as a product designer on the factors to be considered while generating a design.

This Factors includes the manufacturing constraints, pattern repetebility, symmetry conditions, and extrusion constraints.

These techniques will give you an edge on the designing skills in product design space.

DFMEA Principles in Product Development

This module will give the experience in product design considering the DFMEA principles.
This module will also help you to couple the software skills with DFMEA principles to design a better product considering the Failure modes