Dynamic Analysis Using Optistruct

In this module, you will mastery the tools to perform Dynamic analysis.

The type of analysis includes modal analysis, Frequency response analysis, transient response analysis and other vibrational problems

This course covers the basics of analysis to advanced analysis to evaluate the structural strength due to dynamic loading conditions.

Following are the topics which will be covered in this module: (Not Limited To)

• Dynamic analysis overview
• Introduction
• Different types of Dynamic analysis
• Exercises for different types of dynamic analysis
• Visualization of analysis results
• Taking design decisions to check the structure for its strength due to dynamic loading
• Post process the results / report preparation

By the end of this module you will be able to perform analysis to evaluate a structure for its dynamic loading

Understanding Dynamic Analysis

In this module you will learn about the different types of Dynamic analysis and the differences between the linear static and Dynamic analysis.

The dynamic analysis module will aid in understanding on how to solve the engineering problems which are specific to vibration which are dynamic in nature

Different types of Dynamic Analysis

This module will help you to mastery the different types of Dynamic problems including Modal analysis, NVH, Frequency Response and the practical approach to solve the dynamic problems in real time situation.

You will get to learn the industrial problem related to the dynamic analysis and how the problems can be solved.