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Mechanical Engineering Students and Professionals:

Get Job-ready with Our CAE courses using Industry Software's, Hypermesh, Optistruct, Hyperview, and Radioss

Gain From Industry professional and Elevate Your Career In Product Design and Validation In this Digital Evolution

Transform your Career, Stand Out From Others and Dominate Your Career

Accelerate your career with industry specific courses

Become an Expert in Product Design and Validation

Domain Specific CAE courses

Gain industry relevant skill set and transform as a "Product Design Expert" in this digital evolution using of "Simulation Driven Design"

What you will learn and gain in this CAE course
  • Gain hands on experience on using the software's
  • Mastery of CAE Fundamentals
  • Proficiency in Hypermesh
  • Linear and Nonlinear static analysis using OptiStruct
  • Optimization
  • Dynamic analysis using OptiStruct
  • Post-Processing analysis results
  • Explicit analysis using Radioss (Drop test / Crash)
  • Real world projects
  • Optimization for product innovation
  • Career advancements

Empowering mechanical engineers with CAE expertise for faster job placement and market recognition.

  • Gain the experience, which companies are looking for
What you will become
  • Product Design Expert using CAE
  • You will be able to Design, Analysis, Visualize and validate and Optimize for different design configurations
  • You can take design decisions based on the analysis results
  • You can reduce the physical prototype of the component
  • You can reduce the development time of the product
  • You can create multiple variations of the design in simple steps
  • You can excel in your job search / career in a much faster way
For Whom Is This CAE Course ?
  • Pursuing Final Year of Engineering , and want to be ready for the job
  • Just Finished Engineering Degree, looking out for job and want to gain industry experience and to meet industry requirements
  • Already in Entry Level Positions and want to switch your career to CAE

This course will be applicable for Engineers who are from following engineering disciplines:
  • Mechanical
  • Automotive
  • Aeronautical
  • Industrial

All our courses are focussed on domain specific in different vertical using software's
Hypermesh, Optistruct, Hyperview, Radioss
Exclusive Benefits of Joining this Course
01. Flexible Learning (Online)
02. Powerful Education (Recorded Courses)
03. Global Access
04. Interactive Experience
05. Real World Experience
06. Expert Guidance
07. Industry Experience
Study at your own pace, fitting into your schedule

Learn from anywhere, anytime ( track your progress)

Real world projects

Join a diverse community of CAE Engineers

Network with community members

Engage in weekly live virtual meetings

  • Hackathon meet up

  • Weekly Q&A session

  • Get your questions cleared over platform chat

  • 1:1 discussion

Our modules are carefully customized and organised to gain the competancy to reach proficient level at a shortest time.

The exercises will be specific to the industry requirements such that you will gain real time industry experience.

You will also be challenged to complete set of exercises to gain mastery in CAE as per the industry standards

You will get enough technical support over emails, groups calls and hackathon sessions

Online Program

All our programs are 100% online and can be accessed 24x7, from anywhere in the world, as far as you have access to internet. You can upskill your competency from the comfort of your home

Industry Professional for Coaching

All the modules will be handled by industry professionals who has in-depth expertise in relevant fields

Our Support System
Industry Specific Projects

All our modules will be specific to industry specific requirements.

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Weekly Virtual meetup sessions for everyone who has enrolled on our programs, to speed up the upskilling process

1:1 Support over chat

Support over email for everyone who has enrolled in our programs


Our support system also includes challenges to upskill as per the industry requirement


Digital Certificate who has successfully completed for the programs enrolled

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